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2018 BMW 530E XDRIVE SEDAN - BMW is serious about casting this car as a planet savior. Just get a load of this line from the press kit: “Its exemplary environmental credentials have been recognized in the form of ISO certification by the TÜV Rheinland inspection authorities.” That regulatory/testing body apparently studied the life cycle of the 530E—from extraction of raw materials, to assembly, to lifetime usage, to recycling—in order to holistically assess its “global warming potential.” The verdict, according to ISO 14040 and 14044 standards: After 155,000 miles of use, the 530E will have been 15 percent gentler on Mother Earth than your neighbor’s 530i. And that’s presuming you always plug in to the (German) national grid—that percentage increases to 47 if your plug only connects to renewable electricity. This self-identifying car geek can vouch for its credentials as a green-driving coach, thanks to the high degree of customization offered by the reconfigurable dash and center display screens. Coaching assists include a little arrow pointing up at a foot in the cluster and head-up display admonishing you to back off the throttle when the car senses a turn coming, when you’re hot-footing it too hard, or if you’re probing the 146-mph top speed.


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