Kangal dogs vs leopard | Dogs vs bear!!!


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dogs protecting and guarding livestock - This video is about dogs protecting the livestock against some of the most dangerous animals. Dogs have always been man's best friend and this friendship goes back 10000 years. However, a group of Swedish scientists come to a conclusion that the divergence in species of wolf occurred around 40000 years ago based on the study carried out on an ancient wolf bone. There had always been 2 main purposes of dogs in the ancient time one was hunting and the second was guarding the live stock. Dogs still are doing the same job for herdsmen all over the world. A lot of livestock owners are still dependent on dogs for protecting their livestock. As you can see in the video, in the first clip dogs are teamed up to fight off a leopard. This video was taken in Iran where a leopard attacked livestock but the dogs on the guard managed to scare off the beast. In the second clip you can see the herdsmen and dogs teamed up to fight off a hungry bear who had attacked the sheep. Wild animals had always been a huge problem for livestock owners, and the use of livestock guarding dogs to protect the livestock originated over 2000 years ago. There was a great quote that I red once, it said "If you own a dog,who is your best friend and it turns on you one day then take a good look at yourself as You may have a serious personality disorder". This simply means that there are no bad dogs but the bad ownership. Dogs are always loyal and loving.
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