Email-Worm.Win32.Magistr (Thanks for 100,000 subscribers!!!)


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holy crap 100,000 subscribers. there's not much I can say that hasn't been said before, but thank you so much for your supportive comments and feedback on my channel. i hope you enjoy this video of one of my favorite worms, and I hope it lives up to the task of being a 100k subscriber "special" worm.

huge thanks to flightcpuboy for his technical analysis of the worm, which made it possible to make this video. check out his writeup here:

this worm took about two weeks of work, with several hours put in each day, to get this video made, so i really do hope you like it. as always, nothing ever works when the camera is pointed at it, and magistr was no exception. to finally get all the pieces recorded was great, but it took about 20 reinstallations of windows 98, so the video/desktop layout/etc might be a bit disjointed.

thank you all again for helping me make it this far. this is insane.
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